Woven Patches


  • Clarity of your design
  • Cut to Shape

Backings: Iron On / Sew On / Sticker Backed / Velcro Backed (Male, Female or Both) / others on request

  • Minimum Quantity: 50 pieces
  • Set Up Cost: No set up cost on completed orders
  • Lead Time: 3-4 weeks from artwork approval 

Woven Patches are the perfect alternative to Embroidered patches if your design cannot be accurately embroidered with fine detail or small lettering.  They too, the same as embroidered or printed patches, can be cut to any shape. The borders can also be finished with a hot knife cut, merrow border or just a natural finished woven border.

Woven patches have a 100% embroidery coverage  with no cloth or twill backing showing, thus giving a striking appearance.


They can be finished on the back with iron on adhesive backing, sticker, magnetic or natural finishes.


Woven Patches are ideal for designs that cannot be accurately embroidered when minute detail and very fine lettering is essential.

It gives you the ability to have more precise and accurate details without worrying about embroidery percentages.


Woven patches uses a thinner thread allowing for smaller stitch-work thus giving crisper images. The lead time for woven is approx 3-4 weeks.