Embroidered Iron On Patch This iron-on patch is perfect to accesorise any casual outfit, from jeans to caps and backpacks! DETAILS * Size: 85mm Wide x 50mm High * Ready to iron on * Ideal for backpacks, jeans, jackets, hats, caps, sweats & accessories. * Please follow instructions carefully to ensure correct application: 1. Place embroidered Patch where desired on garment, with coated side down. 2. Set iron to cotton setting or as instructed on care label of garment. 3. Place a damp cloth over the patch and iron, applying pressure for 20-25 seconds (longer if temperature is low. 4. Allow to cool 5. Turn garment inside out and press area where patch was applied for another 20-25 seconds. 6. Allow to cool. 7. In order for the patch to better withstand wear and tear, you might want to stitch it around the edges. Warning: Do not apply embroidered patch to plastic or lightweight vinyl surfaces.


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