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The choice of the type of patch is mostly down to personal preference and your final application, so let’s look at the difference between the 3 options to help you decide


Great for comfort and a traditional look

Embroidered patches are made by stitching the threads onto a fabric background to create your design.  The threads are generally thicker than woven threads and there are a good range of colours available.  The patch is applied by a variety of methods to your chosen item.  You could have Iron On Backing, traditional Sew On, Velcro Backing or Self Adhesive.

Our patches not only look great they are comfortable to wear too. Unlike direct embroidery the thread cannot be seen on the inside of the the garment and there is no uncomfortable stitching against the wearers skin., This is very beneficial particulary for work wear where staff are moving around as well as sports wear & avoids what is known as ‘nipple rub’.

There is a good selection of colours available, however, they are more limited than on both Woven & Thermal patches. Embroidery patches tend to have less detail but do give a raised effect, looking more traditional. They can be cut to shape & have cut-outs within the design.

Minimum: 25 pcs

Lead Time: 2-3 weeks

Backing Options: Iron On, Non Backing (Sew On), Velcro, Sticker, Felt.


Great for a crisper, more modern look

Woven patches use a thinner thread which allows for more details.  The thinner threads and tighter weave it allows for a clearer and crisper reproduction of your design. The process is done by weaving fine threads to create the design. Colours can be pantone matched and has the same application options as Embroidered.  There is also the option of applique, where the patch is applied to the garment by means of embroidering direct to the garment with an overlocked border. The feel of the patch is much thinner and more flexible. They have a higher minimum quantity than Embroidered & Thermal, however, they are more cost effective for larger quantities, the lead time is slightly longer, but they are well worth the wait. These can also be made to shape and have cut-outs within the design.

Minimum: 100 pcs (although we can do as low as 25 pcs if required.

Lead Time: 3-4 weeks

Backing Options: Iron On, Non Backing (Sew On), Velcro, Sticker, Felt.


Great for photo quality finish, gradients and small text

The look and feel of thermal transfer print patches is the same as embroidered patches.  The difference is in the process  Firstly a design is made by embroidering in white, the colours are then printed over the top to give an exact replication of your artwork. This is particularly relevant when you have small text, gradients, photo etc which you need to be clearly visible., the print is carried out by CMYK process, the application options are the same as embroidered. Due to the registration of the print, these are generally only available in designs that are not to intricate in shape.

Minimum: 25 pcs

Lead Time: 2-3 weeks

Backing Options: Iron On, Non Backing (Sew On), Velcro, Sticker, Felt.

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