04 Aug

We have a variety of backings and borders for you to choose from when designing your patches.


For embroidered patches we supply Hot Knife, Merrow and hybrid borders and for woven patches we supply Laser Cut and Merrow borders.

Hot Knife borders are thinner and flatter than merrow borders and the edges are sealed by the heat of the knife.

Merrow borders are mainly used for circular, square and oval shaped patches and are applied after your design has been sewn.

Hybrid borders are a mix between a Merrow and a Hot Knife border.

Laser Cut borders are sealed by a high heat laser to prevent fraying and are cut as close to the border as possible.


For both embroidered patches and woven patches we supply Iron On, Sew On, Velcro (Male and Female backed), Self Adhesive and Magnetic. We also supply felt backing but only for embroidered patches.

Take a look at our embroidered and woven patch galleries:



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