22 Jun

Give your staff a professional look in their Zoom meetings

With the ever-changing world and the fallout from Covid-19 we have all had to adapt our ways. Many people are now working from home and this is likely to continue as companies realise the ‘work from home’ method works.

Working from home may involve video meetings. This may mean people have to wear work uniform, or change specifically to appear in the videos, especially if they are communicating with clients.

To save time, look professional and provide extra promotion,  your staff could be wearing sticker backed patches, with your logo and brand for all to see. Patches are available in embroidered, woven or thermal transfer printed styles.

Just before you flick that camera on, peel off the paper backing and attach to your garment, once you’ve finished that all important meeting, or finished work for the day, just peel off the patch and your favourite shirt or blouse is back to where it began.

The sticker patches have work really well in the online gaming world where all players were sent a patch when they signed up, then all players were in effect wearing branded clothing whilst online, it is far more cost effective than producing and distributing branded items of clothing and everyone feels more comfortable in their own clothes.

Sticker backed patches can also be used for one off events too, for example trade shows, networking events, charity days, promotional product launches etc, the opportunities are endless on getting your logo & brand on display.

Talk to us today about our sticker backed patches. Our friendly team are on hand to discuss your requirements and find the best solution to meet your needs. Call us on 01603 516266 or email salesteam@insignia16.co.uk

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