Sometimes you need an image redrawn from a simple jpeg, hand-drawing or other format into a vector file, send us the image and we'll provide you with a competitive estimate, our turnaround for redraws is approx 24 hours.
How many times have you been asked to supply your artwork in a format suitable for printing or embroidery? When you want your logo embroidered, the embroidery company wants to charge you an exorbitant amount to convert it to a dst file, or that a graphics firm wants to charge you £35 to £50 plus to convert your image into a vector file. We can provide you with this service at a reasonable cost.
We can convert existing artwork from any file format, such as BMP, TIFF, JPEG, sketches and even Black and White Faxed Images. The final file is supplied as an EPS, AI or CDR (other formats may be available)
Vector artwork is print ready or camera ready artwork that is used for printing. It allows artwork to be sized without any loss of quality.
Embroidery Digitising service, is the process of converting artwork into digital embroidery files which can be used in sewing equipment. The files are made by the use of specialized embroidery digitising software and a skillful digitising artist.
Line artwork is art composed of lines, as opposed to halftones or photographs. They are drawings without any shading, and are in 100% black and white. These files can also be made from any image and can be given as a vector file as well as a Hi resolution bitmap EPS file. Line Artwork is useful when printing or cost constraints means a single colour print is preferable.